Quotes added on Sunday, February 21 2010

When i am asked
         what one happy thought is
                 i always say knowing 
                   that no matter how big the fight is
                         I will always have a bestfriend   
                                                                                         !! =)
i loved   him<3 but he doesent love me.all the pane and hurt. he gives its so much but i get through  it. i dont love him no more good bye with you  i loved that boy but he broke my heart!!!<3
I like you
you likeD me
now you like my best friend

I like you
you have a girlfriend

I like you
you like me
you also have a girlfriend

I like you
you like me
you also like her

I like you
you like me
you likeD me
then when ithought you liked me you asked her out
now you like her

Your out there some where, I'm still looking! <3
Lifes like a bubble
                   dont pop it !
if you love me, let me know.
but      if      not,      then      please      gently      let      me      go.

 NO       ♥♥       ONE

.go ahead.
make  |  me  cry
tell  x  me  x  how  x  it  x  feels  x  to  x  me  x  the  x  winner.
congratulations. you won my tears. )
like conjoined twins that are stuck together
it's nearly impossible to get him off 
All that we've been through,
And you can't see,
What exactly,
You mean to me.

Maybe we don't see each other often.
But you know for a fact,
No matter how many times I leave your house,
I always come back.

So, Don't be worried.
Don't be scared.
Never feel,
Like I'm not there.

Maybe in distance,
But never in heart.
Baby I've loved you,
Since the very start.

Everything I do,
I do for you to be happy.
So, please believe me,
Please listen close.

Baby, everything will be fine.
Everything's okay.
Maybe not now,
But someday.

We'll see each other soon,
It'll all be okay.
So, please be happy,
from day to day.
Because, Sweetheart,
I'm here to stay.
~♥I love you♥~

--->I like him.

He likes me.(:
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