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You know those feelings you get that you know...
If you let out, something bad will happen..
I have so many.

ut don't hesitate
                                   ' C A U S E   Y O U R   L O V E   J U S  T   W O N ' T   W A I T
 One sad day for he 
When death was last to be 
No one had the clue it would be 
Nor was anyone there to see 
Cause on the day for clapping and cheering 
Actually came groping and tearing 
For Years ago today was the day he woke to fright 
And now today he walked towards that same light
And thus made him leave on his happiest day 
With the family having a river of tears to say 
But he couldnt do a single thing 
But watch an angel come down with a golden ring. 
So there he goes 
To the place everyone seeks to know 
But its not a total loss 
Cause now he can watch over them like their own boss 
For only protection and care 
He stands with a dead stare 
Day and Night down in earth he stays waiting to repay them 
For Every little thing his family has done for him
I understand if I'm not the first one you take your problems to.
I understand if you continue doing what you do to yourself.
I understand if you choose another over me.
As long as I have your love, I understand.

  && here's the thing i thought you were it for me, buh now i knoe much better, girls like me deserve forever ♥
Why would I feel like this..
If I'm so happy?
Why would I think things..
That I know aren't true?
Why do I get so jealous..
If I have it all?
Why am I so selfish..
When I don't want to be?
Why am I this bad of a person?

maybe my heart didnt really
skip a beat

and maybe the twinkle in your eye
was just the sun reflectinq weird

and maybe the feelinq in my stomach
was just not havinq enouqh for breakfast

and maybe i just thouqht it was

not mines but i love it<3
I know I'm not 1st..
But I still love you..
more than you'll ever know.

everyone our age says we don't really know what love is like.
soo then why do i stay up all night, 
just wishing he could be mine again,
even tho he hurt me 3 times.
why do i cry over stupid little things
that happen with us?
when i find out you have a new girlfriend
my heart breaks..,just a little bit more.
i feel like nothing will make me happy,
besides you.
when we fight, your still the only one
i want to talk to.
ill only answer your texts.
when your name pops up on my fone,
everytime my stomach drops and i smile.
you always find a way to make me happy
even when im upset.
i cant stand hearing about what you
and your girlfriend have done,
and the kinds of pictures she sends you.
when i think things are getting better,
it just gets worse the next day.
those things hurt me, and if i didnt have
such strong feeelings for him, then why
would i care about those little things?
plain and simple, i love the kid.i have since
the moment we met<3

if only words could explain how i feel about him.
Not the brightest..
Self hating..
Do you still love me
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