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 Friends are like geece.  They are always together and never apart.  When people force them to leave eachother they bit them and fly off laughing.
Don’t ever let somebody tell you
you can’t do something.
                                           You got a dream?  You gotta protect it.  People can't do something themselves,
they wanna tell you that you can't do it.You want something? Go get it.

                ♥ ♥ // THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS

 Hello my bald friends 
Today my friends life ends 
I don't understand why 
Was he suppose to die? 
He didn't have the flu 
It's prolly because he's a Jew 
That's why were in this camp 
The guards push me around and call me a Tramp. 
All i can do is let them kick and spit 
Or  run away from their dogs when they sick them on me 
I think cause of the dogs is the reason i can only partially see 
Now i can't write 
I'm even afraid to give the guards all my might 
I think my uncle did 
The reason i Questioned myself is cause we all look the same so i don't know who's my relative or some other kid 
The Guards told me my uncle went home 
But people in here say he went in a dome 
Only thing i'm worried about 
Is that no one saw him come out 
I think he's prolly fine 
He told me bout how he survived his other rough time 
So he's prolly racking up a team 
Ya know to fight the bad 
Like the movies, but...i hate the movies cause i'm always left mad or sad.....

It's been forever since we've been here 
less people show up and upon all of this were too tired to break a tear. 
But i'm hearing whispers amongst people about a mysterious man 
He supposedly comes out of nowhere and gives Jew's a helping hand 
People say he's from USA 
I hope so, cause i don't wanna stay. 

I give my life less than a Timeline 
And by then my heart will become a flat line 
So they must hurry 
Cause i wanna see my uncle Murray 
And ask him where he's been 
And see if he done anything to the mean men. 

Oh i must hurry now 
The bell done it's pow 
It usually isn't pow'ed so much......
I wonder if there's a problem or such. 

Lemme check it out 
See what this powing is about...

OH! i hear a gun! 
But it don't sound like the guards are having fun or their usual fun...

He's here to help my sore fragile hand 
oh what a sight that i can see 
Even my blind eye sees the beauty in he 
the whole army is here to begin the free
oh yippee i'm finally out and now i can run out of here and flea

so i gave you my heart. but you wanna no something? my heart isn't a toy. you can't play catch with it and then drop it. its not like a bouncy ball, it doesn't come back up
perfect and normal. its not like a rubber band that once its shot it hurts but then feels better in about 5 minutes. and its sure the hell isn't like a cut, that can heal itself.
mine(: fashionicon96. comment-fav-folllow (:

increase the peace. <3

loveee it?all yours.

at the end of each and every day, they are still the jonas brothers.
&nothing is going to change that.
they are growing up,
not breaking up.

very trueee. <3

Happiness is waking up, looking at the clock,
and finding that you still have two hours left to sleep.  Happiness is a side dish of french fries.  Happiness is a new
sweatshirt on a cold Saturday morning.    Happiness is winning an argument with your sister.     Happiness is having
something to look forward to. Happiness is the best seat at the parade. Happiness is having the bell ring just as you
are being called on to recite. Happiness is a big muscle. Happiness is loving your enemies. Happiness is hearing the
hearing  the  pediatrician  say,  "No, I guess she won't have to have a shot."  Happiness is an autographed baseball.
Hapiness is being tickled under the chin. Happiness is coming home from the hospital. Happiness is a circus balloon.
Happiness is being named "Best in Show."   Happiness is finally getting your big teeth.    Happiness is a stack of old
comic books. Happiness is a Christmas vacation with no book reports to write.  Happiness is catching snowflakes on
your tongue.  Happiness is surprising your Dad by shoveling the sidewalk before he gets home. Happiness is licking
  the  bowl. Happiness  is  playing  cards  with  Grandma. Happiness  is  sleeping  in  the  back seat on the way home.
  Happiness is  getting  all  your  Christmas  "thank  you"  letters  written. Happiness is singing "Blessed Assurance" at
  Camp Meeting.   Happiness is wearing the band from your Dad's cigar.   Happiness us being too sick to go to school,
but not too sick to watch TV. Happiness is being able to walk home from school without having to worry about getting
 getting beaten up.   Happiness is a sad song.   Happiness is knowing
                               you've made it through one more day.

Happiness is a Sad Song
by Charles Schultz         
as a mad dog at the way things went.You could swear,
curse  the  fates,    but  when  it  comes  to  the  end,
                                you have to let go.

ook at the stars
                                                                                look how they shine for you and everything you do ♥
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