Quotes added on Friday, February 26 2010

 There's nothing wrong with dreaming
as long as you know when to wake up
                 and deal with

    T h e Tr u t h.
Oh wait!
I think I know the answer!
1% water+96% feeling+3% love-a happy heart/2 people=1 tear

And somehow im failing math.
I am alone with no one here.
I finally found my only fear.
I looked to my left,
and to my right.
But you are no longer in my sight.
I close my eyes and try to forget.
All I can do is just regret.
I feel as if I will cry forever.
But I will always know
we will be together.
You said you loved me but you cheated on me,
you said you cared for me when you didn't,
you said you wouldn't hurt me but u did,
you said alto things to me that wasn't true
but yet i still fell in love with you.
Silent gazes into the night sky
memories slowly passing by
struggle's of an un-beating heart
that's when it slowly tore apart

You Drive me crazy with
Those eyes and
That smile

I never thought that it'd be easy
cuz were both so distant now
and the walls are closing in on us
and we're wonderin how

-Justin Bieber
i   want someone to   love me for
░░░░░░░WHO I AM
i   want someone to   love me for
░░░░░░░WHO I AM
i hate flirters.
they make you feel so special
like they   r  e  a  l  l  y    like you;
but all they do is
and leave you
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