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 we are the world.                                                                                                   we are the    children.  

we are the ones who make a brighter day so lets start giving.

You  say  you unique?
Well i say lets reconsider that because in all honesty does it even exist?
Every  aspect  of  you  can be found in someone  else  considering  the
amount of people on this earth. Anyway to me uniqueness is something
people   like   to   call themselves to try not to seem   like   just   another
cookie  cutter  image.  But  that  right  there  proves my point ,  if  you
call yourself unique you  o b v i o u s l y    c a n ' t    b e  . . because you
don't    define   yourself  as  "unique"  other  do; because    most    likely
t o  y o u  y o u r  p e r f e c t l y  n o r m a l

everyone writes about breakups , but why don't you cheer yourself up?
  so if you're single it's not becuase you're not good enough for the person you love ;
 it's becuase they're not g o o  d e n o u g h for y o u  ; < 3

why do girls eat chocolate after breaking up?
[because the sweetness of the chocolate makes them forget about the bitterness of the break-up]
why do boys drink beer after breaking up?
[because the bitterness of the beer makes them forget about the sweetness of the girl]

6th grade - New school, new friends, new expiriences

7th grade - THE MOST DRAMA FILLED YEAR EVER!!!! not fun at all!

8th grade - get ready for high school...more stupid DRAMA!! : /

can you feel this magic in the air?
it   must   have   been   the   way   you   kissed   me .
&+ I'm Pretty Sure...
That Snuggies are just backwards robes.


its so obvious!! and robes are better, they don' fall off every thirty seconds! hahaha

--ericaa taylorr xox <33
  here's to you free souls,
//you firefly chasers, tree climbers, porch swingers, air guitar players
here's  to  you  fearless  dancers,  shaking  walls  in  your  bedrooms
there's    a    lot    of    wonder    left    inside    of    me    and    you

Thank God even crazy dreams come true
I Blame a Mr. Walt Disney....
for making me believe that
for every girl
there is a prince charming
and for every story
there is a happy ending.

well mr.disney i'd like to point out how wrong you were </3

--erica taylorr xox <33
this whole heartbreak thing ?
i'm over it. i'm done. i'm not taking it.
i've been hurt too many times,
i've been sent to this same place too many times.
no more guys being jerks,
or being obesessed with you.
just because i'm a girl,
& i make mistakes,
doesn't mean i don't deserve someone good
cuz i do.
and if your too stupid to realize it,
then good luck.
it's gunna be one hell of a life for you.

.::. total vent(:
.::. & for a friend♥
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