Quotes added on Sunday, February 28 2010

I love this place but it's haunted  without you , 
My tired heart is beating so ; slow ,
Our hearts sing less than we wanted , 
We wanted our hearts sing 'cause ,
We do not  know we do not know .

<3dearjohn was an amazing movie.
& i love this song by amanda sayfried.(:
&+ You left the one person, 
              who  n.e.v.e.r  left your side.
Today, I walked into my math class to see my teacher in a poncho and sombrero, playing spanish music. He then proceeded to run out into the hall and have a 3 way duel with 2 other math teachers, using their scientific calculators as guns. My math teacher won. I love math class.


Am I the only one that fines it funny that the person who made WittyProfiles was a guy? Maybe it's just me but I think it's a little stalker-ish . . .

type here
Who else thinks
"On Deck"
totally ruined
The Suite Life Of Zack and Cody?
You made me feel like
the luckiest girl alive
just from that
click the <3 if your in love

i wanna see how many hearts i can get!
all I want is for you to text me and say "meow meow meow."
&& be my *silly* best friend I've been admiring.
Todayy i played my bestfriend (whose a guy)'s gf in a basketball game. i had no clue which one she was, i just knew she was on the team.
and then me and my friend were talking about how ugly this girl on the bench was, she had a witch looking nose and her face was messed up and she had braces that made her face look even more weird. and the rest of the people were pretty.

guess which onee his gf wass...

( ohh boy did i laugh so hard after he introduced me to her.)

   Time slows down...
    Whenever your around.....
      I can feel my heart.....
    Its beating in my chest .....
      Don't you feel it?......
       I can't put this down....
      Can you feel this magic in the air?.......
      It must have been the way you kissed me.......
       Fell in love when I saw you standing there.....
       It must have been they wayyyyyy........



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