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G u e s s      W h a t , 
I    N e e d    Y o u    M o r e    T h a n

A Balloon Needs Air,

---> Black People Started Wearin Their Pants

---> white people called this "saggin"

---> Spell Saggin backwards

---> Those Sneaky White People...

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screw youand your




our life is one open book full of pages.
we laugh. we smile. we stumble. we stand. we fail and we succeed.
every chapter defines who we really are.

Ha, You Really Don't Realize How Happy You Make Me... it's actually kind of scary
This quote does not exist.
Boy-Im sorry I didn't mean to hurt you.
Girl-Are you sorry you broke up with me? Sorry that i cried myself  to sleep every nigh?
Or wasnt it that i was never pretty enough.
Girl-But  i'm never good enough right?
Boy-I guess

And even though some days
I may regret what I did
If I had a chance to go back
I wouldn't change a thing
Baby im not always there when you call,
but im always there on time.
I give you all, baby be mine.
why is it so much easier
to talk to a friend who
doesn't go to your school
than that girl who does
that's supposed to be your
best friend?
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