Quotes added on Wednesday, March 3 2010

She doesn't get your humour
Like I do.

Who else would love to lick Taylor Lautners Abs? Y

i would :)

click the heart if you would

If your instinct tells you to give up on someone, just screw it
there's a reason they're in your heart.

And if you asked me if I loved him;
I'd lie.
Wish I had concentrated;
They said love was complicated.
But it's something I just fell into.
all      i   really     need    is     a     big      long     hug,
from   the    »person«    I   care   about    the   most,
to assure me that everything's going to be okay.
Gotta love it when the guy you like likes one of your best friends.
Its thbest feeling ever.
Self destruction is a permanent solution to a temporary problem!

make it cute <3

orry puppy,

the reason I'm always crying and whispering
into your ears is cause you're the only ////////////
living thing on this planet I can trust anymore.
:|:|:|:|: ______________________<333.

Never saying
Im Sorry to you
ever again

Iv said I'm
Sorry for 4 years
an i have forgotten what I'm sorry for
should be tha one saying your Sorry
you are the one that broke my heart

...</3 Mine
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