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And it's only now I realise...

Love isn't just a word or a feeling...

It's a

One day...
He and I will be   p i s s e d   o f f   beyond belief at each other. We'll be yelling, "I HATE YOU!" and teasing each other about the most pointless things. We'll be ignoring each other. We'll be hitting volleyballs at each others' heads in PE while the other isn't looking.

The next day...
We'll be best friends   a g a i n.  He'll be hugging me. I'll be letting him.

One minute...
I'll scream "SHUT UP!" at him. I'll   s l a p   him on his arm. He'll punch me back. 

The next minute...
He'll apologize. He'll hug me. I'll   f o r g i v e   him.

This is why I love my twin brother. Best friend on the planet.
We may be   b i p o l a r   at times, but at the end of the day, I love my brother.
He's the best friend in the   w o r l d.

I do love my twin. He's awesome. 

could tell you so many things...
Like how you had me at hello, 
I could mention how muchI love your eyes,
How ever time you don't reply it breaks my heart,
I could describe to you how my stomach flips
whenever you decide to talk to me,
I could tell you that i dream about you all the time,
I love it when you smile at me;
Because then I know I crossed your mind,
I love that your laugh lights up my world.
But above all, the one things i need to say is... 
I miss you.

Sometimes i wonder,
if you'd even care if i
left and never ca m e back . . .

Take me home,
I'll sing you to sleep.
Make you mine,
I'll keep you forever.
Please, This could be more than just tonight.

Should I smile
because we are friends
Or Cry
Because that's all we will ever be
your voice sounds
like     heartbreak.

 favorite this if you feel your life is currently as boring s this quote.
E.v.e.n if I wore I HUGE sign around *my* neck saying "I LOVE YOU"
he still --->  woodnt realize.

Girl: Hey! I Heard You Girlfriend Is really Pretty
[Everything I'm Not]
Boy: Yes she is
[But you where more]
Girl: So i guess we're in the same Chemistry Class
[And your Girlfriends not, Haha]
Boy: Yes, Thats good we would be good partners
[Lets Make Chemistry]
Girl: I wish i was as good as her
[I wish i was your Girlfriend]
Boy: Yes, You were great too
[Only better]
Girl: Can we still be freinds
[More Maybe?] 
Boy: Sure, Best Buddies
[I wish we were best lovers. I want you back]
Girl: Yay!
Boy: I think i might dump her
[I like you better]
Girl: Okay
[I want you back]
Boy: Well Bye
[Before you start to cry]
Girl: Cya 
[Before  i start to cry]

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