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I   n e v e r   k n e w 
w h a t   h e a r t   b r e a k
f e l t   l i k e   u n t i l  
(( I   l o s t   y o u . ))


Open Your Eyes Boy;
:::She's Absolutely:::
Crazy, Head Over Heals, Ridiculously,Madly,
{♥} {♥} {♥}  In Love With Yo{♥} {♥} {♥}
{♥} {♥} {♥} {♥} {♥} {♥} {♥} {♥} {♥} {♥} {♥} {♥} {♥} 

when i got to there front porch. the door itself looked horrific. it looked like an axe was hitting it constantly. it was strange. no one was outside Erik's house. on this block, if anything goes on the other neighbors all go to that house that had the situation or problem. when people heard about Ayden's problems, we fed that night for 50. were like a big family this block, we look out for each other. but yet, no one was at Erik's house.. and Everyone Loved his parents Ellyn and Kyle and dreamed about having the perfect son as Erik, good looking, smart, helpfull, and athletic. it was so strange its like only me and Jet heard the Gun. and no one else. or everyone else heard it but everyone was too scared to look. "Mel.. come on back... no ones with you.. that's strange, the cops are coming.. get in the house..." loudly whispered Jet from my porch. Then another gun shot fired i "Epped." and turned around to go back to my house. but then something pulled my hair back into the house and i screamed i heard Jet curse and i heard him yelling. but he was too late as soon as i saw his face another guy quickly closed and locked the door i then saw Ellyn and Kyle both shot and tied up on sitting on the kitchen chairs and Erik and his two sister Kellie and Kally both visiting from there last year of college and his one other brother Derren also visiting but he already graduated college, he was visiting from Florida where he now lived. they were tied up on the dinning room chairs. the scream i first heard was probably from Kellie. there were 3 people. all wearing masks from the halloween section in like the Party Zone or something. there was one wearing a Soccer ball mask. the other wearing an gorilla mask. the last wearing a Micheal Myers mask. it was really scary. "why were you on the porch..." said the guy wearing the Micheal Myers mask.  the guy wearing the Soccer ball mask was holding my arms. "i heard a gun shot. i got worried. i came to check on everyone. but then when i heard the second one, i was going to go back home." i said. unusually calmly. "did you call the cops..." said the one in the gorilla mask. "Nope. but the other neighbors might have..." i really said that actually seriously. and i didn't want jet to suffer. but that was my first lie that i have said without laughing or smiling. "Hmm.. what to do , what to do...." said the gorilla mystery person. "i could shoot you, but, then that'll just be another murder to cover up.. " he added. "but shes already seen too much." said the Soccer guy. "yes but she wouldn't have if you bimbo didn't drag her by her head. she wasn't going to barge in. she didn't call the cops. she has nothing to do with this.." said the gorilla person. "yeah you bimbo.. why'd you do that..!" said the guy in the Micheal Myers mask person. "Shut up.." said the gorilla person. "i know what she could do to pay.." said the Micheal Myers masked person then he whispered in the gorilla persons ear. "that could work..." said the gorilla masked person. then what saw next killed me for the next three months.. i saw the gorilla person lift up the gun then 1,2,3,4 the family everyone wanted to be was all dead. and i witnessed the last four kids get shot. then the soccer guy un-handed me and said "Run" "FAST" added the Micheal Myer masked person. i then sprinted into my house and straight into Jets arms and cried for four hours straight then the cops showed up. of course after Erik and his sisters and brother died. then of curse the neighbors swarm the house. after i get dragged into the house.
&+ I Try to Keep My AIM Statuses Funny and And About How Much Fun Me & My Friends Have

But I Always Check Your Updates And Buddy Info. Hoping for some sign that you miss me too.
Somewhere inside, I'm hoping You see my statuses and wish you hadn't screwed up.

But You Did, And I'm Sure As Hell Not Making the Mistake of Being Friends With You Ever Again.

 He doesn't know   just how
far I would go just to 
kiss him.

*, i beg you to decide, even though you won't
make up your mind, you either like me or you don't

like you,
ut I love
I M </3.

I Wait In the Chilling Silence

For the day that I'll stop missing you. Or at least stop crying every night.

 all  the things we talk
about, you know they

stay on my mind  

everything i ever wanted
was five feet infront of me.
five feet infront was his gorgeous eyes
and beautiful lips, begging to be kissed.
five feet in front of me wad everything
i ever wanted

but could never have </3

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