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remember  when

we used to talk everyda but now;

you barely know exist.

&&Sometimes I Just Imagine Myself
kneeling on top of the muddy ground, during the biggest rainstorm screaming
to the skies, trying to figure out what went wrong between us. im     crying
. . . because i don't care what i look like, i know my [ { make-up's } ]
smeared, and my hair is p l a s t e r e d to my face but i dont care
anymore...i want answers, as i am in the ---->pouring         rain
im cursing_your_name im losing_myself_i can't figure it out
why don't you want me anymore? why did you choose
her after all we've been through? ~~~why didn't you
see       through my lies when i told you i d i d n ' t
love you anymore?       my eyes tell more about
me than i do{you should have learned to read}
them      but      why      am      i      blaming
you...this . is . all . my . fault . i . should
never have let you go...I'M in the
rain, and i;m kneeling & & crying
and screaming \\\\\\ my clothes
getting so muddy,   im trying 
>>to remember the words
to our song . . . they feel
like    honey    dripping
off of my tongue~~
so sweet. the rain
is trying to wash
y o u  o u t  o f
my life...and i
Xcan't let itX
myself |.|.|.|.|.|.|.|
broken +++ tired
of trying...the rain
i s     t h e    o n l y
place i can__feel__~
b et ter because i know
the sky is crying right along
. w . i . t . h  .  m . e .

mine...please read and tell me what you think
i worked hard on this
it's what i truly feel right now
"I've been recovering from years of depression and self-harm.
My boyfriend has been helping me recover every step of the way,
by funding my treatment and making sure I'm never alone.
Today I was feeling really down about myself.
He tossed me my dictionary and said to look up "beautiful."
He had taped in my picture. "


                      he was the sun
                        in my dark sky

 all mine.... you can make it prettier if u want... just give credit

The only person I cared about
Left me with this brokenheart

&+ Every Girl Has That One Friend...
That they can't fully trust anymore.

facebook group, but its sooooooo true. its also not the best quote ever... but watevzz

--erica taylorr xox <3
Wake up. Get out of bed and stop hiding
under the duvet ,no matter how warm it is. You will get nothing
accomplished. Put some clothes on. Do something nice for your-
self today. Get pretty for absolutely no reason other than to
prove to yourself that you’re not worthless. Go to your favorite
record store and listen to the upbeat, feel good pop music. Buy
your favorite food, with extra everything. Spend the left over
money on your favorite magazine and plan a trip to another
country in your head. Sing your favorite songs in your car.
Collect the last leaves from autumn. Watch the sun sink into the
horizon. Don’t stare at your phone and wait for it to vibrate.
Don’t m o p e. Don’t think about the only men in your life that
have belittled you this week. D o n ’ t s i t . D o n ’ t w a i t .

Dont delay your life even though
someone has attempted to delay yours.
So, does this make you feel strong?
Does it make you feel happy? You broke her heart.
But does it matter to you? It's not your heart [ broken ].
She doesn't feel strong right now. She's not happy right now.
She's broken right now. She's upset right now, more than upset.
The one guy who she thought ( loved her broke her and doesn't even care. <------
 I hope you know what you've done.
The one girl i thought would never break - Finally did. ,, <\3
 i wish you could see

the pain i feel

because it is never going to go 

did you hear that?


but there is                 no way you see it                                  because then this would be easy

but these things are never 


sincerely, mheart Y 

Confidence is just a myth.
                                                           Believing  in  yourself  has  nothing         to   do   with   success.          Success
                                                           comes  from  practice   —   over  and  over  and  over  again.      Hour  after  hour,
                                                           every  day.    Don't  believe  you  can  do  it  —  you  shouldn't  even  think  twice,
                                                           because  you've  practiced,      and  you've  done  it  thousands  of  times  before.
                                                           Victory does not come to those who b e l i e v e they can do it;    it comes to those
                                                           who   spend   their   lives   practicing  for   their   one   shot,  their one chance at

                                       achieving what everyone said they could not do.

400th quote! :]
100% mine, DO NOT STEAL.
This is just my opinion, don't freak out.
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