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                    I hope i'll never say goodbye

If today was yourlast day
And tomorrow was too late
Would you say goodbye to yesterday?
Would you live each moment like your last?
Leave old pictures in the past?

            -nickelback: if today was your last day

-Comment & Favorite Please!
I love you with all my BUTT
I would say HEART
But, my BUTT is bigger
 I'm doing this thing... it's like PostSecret, but different, because it's just a bunch of my secrets. I'll number them, too.
Sometimes, I'll put more than one secret in a post.


When that
friend and me
smoke together,
 we usually end
up making
out, but I
wont let
it go any
further. I
 have a boyfriend
…it's not the boy
that I make out with.

When someone is annoying, you hit him.
When the music sucks so badly, you seven up it. 
before you hit the highway
you better stop for gas; 
and there's a 50 in the ashtray, 
in case you run short on cash
here's a map and here's a bible, 
if you ever lose your way.
just one more thing before you leave
don't forget to remember me

Well you still can't tell me why?
We built it up,
T o  w a t c h  i t  f a l l.
Like | we | meant | nothing | at | all.
& I gave the best of me,
But i couldn't give you what you need.
You walked away
{| y o u  s t o l e  m y  l i f e |}
You’re not my worst mistake
That would be the time
I touched a soldering iron
You’re not my favorite mistake
That would be the time
The shop gave me the free DVD
You’re not the mistake I will keep repeating
That would be the times
I ate so much chocolate I felt sick
You’re not my most painful mistake
That would be the time
I broke my foot… twice
You’re not my most important mistake
That would be the time
I didn’t go to the hospital the day before dad died
You’re not my funniest mistake
That would be the time
I turned down a day out to play with a stray cat
So I guess you’re not really a memorable mistake at all

take chances;
because its better to cross the line and suffer the consequences
than to just stand and stare at the line for the rest of your life;
because remember you only live once;
so live life to the fullest; make sure theres nothing your missing out on.
knowing is better than wondering
waking is better than sleeping
and even the biggest failure,
beats the hell out of
never trying
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