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How many windows are in your room ?

Do you get ready for the day in your room or the bathroom ? 
bedroom :) 

What size bed do you have ?  
queeeeen.. or is it king? :\

What does your comforter look like ?  

square :)
Is your room big ?  
actually it is big, but there's a lot of stuff- so it looks small :D  .

Is it clean ?  


How many times have you had a straight boy sleepover?
Neverrr :D

Do you have a ceilling fan ?  

Do you have a night light ?  

Do you have the following in your room:

[x] desk.
[x] more than 3 sources of light.
[x] phone.
[x] chair/dish chair.
[x] book shelf.
[x] dresser.
[x] TV.
[x] CD player/stereo.
[nope but i want one] bean bag chair.
[x] laptop.
[x] posters.
[ ] paintings.
[x] pictures.
[ ] walk in closet.
[x] large mirror.
[x] bed.
[] drumset.
[x] bathroom. 
[x] clock (digital).
[x] clothes on the floor.
[x]box of tissues.
[x] guitar.
[ ] lava lamp.
[ ]smoke detector.
[ ] piano/keyboard.
[] bongos.
[x] a bin.
[x] locking door.
[ ] can of soda.
[x] bottle of water.
[x] playstation or another game source.
[] a blacklight.
[] something about your own country. 
[ ] medals.
[x ] trophies.
[x ] awards.
[] water polo ball.
[] soccer ball.
[ ] softball stuff.
[ ] beach ball.
[ ] over 100 cds.
[ x] surround sound.
[ ] sofa.
[] empty liquor bottles.
[] flag.
[] stop sign.
[] caution tape.
[]paintball gun.
[x]dog bed.
[ ] picture of your gf/bf by your bed.
[x] calendar.

ow is it that you make me feel 10 stories high,
And yet still have to look up to you?

I know last time you saw me

I was on my knees
And begging you to stay
But NOW I'm glad you walked away

This morning I stepped on my Captain Crunch...
Now ima cereal killer:]

Jack & Jill went up the hill to smoke a little leaf. Jack got high, pulled down his fly, and Jill said, "Where's the beef?"
Today was a fairytale,
I wore a dress,
You wore a dark grey t-shirt,
You told me I was pretty when I looked like a mess,
Today was a fairytale.

> I                                      dont get
why a size 0 is considered beautiful in the modeling industry?
why    guys don't bother to look at the girl in a one piece , but 
a girl in the          sluttiest bikini?
why girls have to wear the                             shortest shorts ??

why your judged by your  cover        ,not your personality??
why the "populars" are considered the
"   coolest kids    "  in school ?
why girls cant shop at                                              target ????

why people are overly obsessed with             " name brands"?
just because your not a size                          6 , your considerd
why do  girls wear pounds       and        pounds of
why people think smoking and drinking at a party is   cool ?
why                                                 pretty girls think their ugly  , 
why                                                  stick girls think their obese?
WHY                                   ????

sorry total vent.. -.-

True love is when...
you shed i tear but still want him,
its when he ignores you but you still love him.
its when he loves another but you still smile and say im happy for you
when all really do is cry .... and cry

Some people like pain.
They like to feel the suffer.
Most people like Happiness.
The like to feel the joy.
Some people like to cry.
They like to let it all out.
But noone like to be                    

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