Quotes added on Saturday, March 13 2010

why is it
that everytime i'm in pain
you're always there to listen to me
& help me
yet you're the one who caused the pain.


the guy i love texted me today saying;
"ive never been in love like this before, but it feels soo fricken good(:"

i waited till 11:11 & i wished for you; nothing happened. i now lost all hope..
This is a conversation between a second grader and her teacher!!

Student:  Is it possible to be eaten by a whale?
Teacher:  No. Why do you ask such a question?
Student:  Well how come that one girl on the front cover of the newspaper             get eaten by a whale?
Teacher:  Well it must of been a rumor or dream you had.
Student:  No! My mom read it too me on our way to school this morning.
Teacher:  Well its physically impossible.
Student:  Well when i go to heaven i will ask her!
Teacher:  Well what if she goes to hell?
Student:  Well then i guess you can ask her!
been there
done that
&Never going back

&& i think im falling in like with this guy.
i dont wanna all in love, yet
i know what thats like;but i cant be hurt like that again.
i love this guy and always will though.
But the thing that really stole my heart was a text from him saying..
"Dude, do you think we could last forever? Kuz i do.:)"
and then i said,
"bet we could :)"
i might be in a fairytale right in this point in my life but im ready to fall in love again.

Heyy, "baby"
.. What happened to "fever ever& always" ? ..

i love him.i hate him.i miss him.
i fell hard.
and as i lay here,
i'm starting to realize.
that i don't want
to get up.
because if i get up,
i'll lose him.

----> all mine.


I'm good...with a twist.

                 He broke up with her for me.
                                          yeah, it makes me smile


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