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[What do you think? This is my last post on this story for awhile don't worry I will finish it I've just got a bit of writers block at the moment and I'm going away for a couple of weeks. sorry.]

Today was so different of course, so as I slid into my seat- still shivering slightly from the cold water, he stood up from the seat he was sitting in an strode over to where I was haughtily.
"Hello baby" he purred, sitting down right by me despite the glare I was shooting full force at him. "Been flirting around with Freeman again? You know if you're going to do that you might want to pick a real guy." he emphasized real, obviously meaning himself. I shifted away from him as far as I could- wishing that I was anyone besides who I was for the moment- wishing I wasn't such a coward.
"I'll let you know next time I see one." I said softly- too softly. I wasn't even sure that he heard me. Anytime that I tried to stand up for myself, or defend myself; something always happened. I wasn't even audible, he wasn't listening... something like that.

Brian slung his arm over the back of the back of the seat and grinned over at one of his buddies. I pressed even further away from him so that I was completely pressed against the bus window and sighed softly. Someday... I was going to get brave enough to stand up to him. Someday.

The phone was ringing. I groaned and rolled over so that my head was under the pillow- trying to block out the sound. The sound kept coming though- so no one else was going to get it. Great. I rolled back over in the opposite direction and blinked in the light- stretching my arms over my head before getting up and padding over to the kitchen and picking up the phone.

"Hello?" My voice still sounded thick and tired. I cleared my throat and repeated "Hello?"
"Hello, is Miranda there?" I yawned, trying to get my brain to function. "This is she."
"Oh! Miranda, hi! This is Yvonne from school... are you okay? You sound funny." Yvonne? She hadn't called me since the day that I just had to pass out in the school cafeteria. What did she want? And on a Saturday too.
"Yeah sorry, I just woke up. Do you need something?" there was a pause on the other end of the line and I thought I heard the sound of a cat purring in the background.
"Yes, actually. Some friends and I were going down to the beach today- and I just thought that I would ask if you wanted to come with us." Go with them. I don't think I'd been asked if I wanted to go somewhere with someone in...forever. Too long. But at the exact same time - I hadn't been out of the house to do anything but go to school or get the mail in almost two years. Not if I could help it.

"I don't know Yvonne... its probably going to be awfully crowded and-" I began, trying to come up with a good excuse while avoiding the completely truth. That I was scared to go anywhere.
"Andy?" I didn't respond, but I did stop talking. "Andy." Her voice was...understanding?
"What?" I was almost afraid to answer. I was fairly sure she'd seen through my excuses. She seemed to be good at that.
"You'll be okay. I promise." I sighed softly. I was right. Somehow no matter what I said, she always picked up on how I really felt. In a way it scared me, but in another way it felt nice. Knowing that someone was at least a bit understanding.
"Alright. I'll go."

"Its going to be fun.Trust me. Bring some money for lunch- and we'll pick you up at around 10:00 if thats ok." I glanced at the clock, seeing that it was almost 8:00 am.
"Wait.. Yvonne? We're only fifteen- who's driving?"
"One of my friends is 17. She has her licenses already."
"Ok. See you soon."

LxOxVxE chapter 1 part 6

            When we got to Gabby's house we got changed into casual outfits and played the game of life. Once Gabby's parents went to bed Sophia texted Mike and the guys to come over.
          "Psssttt!" "PSSSSSSSSSSTTT" yelled up Dave "How do we get up there?"
          "In the shed outback there is a ladder, be quiet though!" Gabby replied.The guys tumbled in silently , one by one. First Dave ,Mike,Ryan,then Jeremy.
         "What do you want to do?" I asked, bored already.
          "CHARADES!" yelled Mike and everyone just stared at him. " ok ...no..i guess."
          "Lets go back to other grades and play the 'in' games" said Sophia
          "Hmmm... 6th grade was...." It was on the tip of my tongue...Why couldn't I remember?
          "Truth or dare." Answered Ryan .
         "Truth or dare,,,,,,,,Dave."asked Mike.
         "Dare ." He said toughly
         " I dare you to go outside, and start singing 'go Diego go' then shake your butt" We all snickered at the childish dare. It sounded pretty funny though. Dave went out and we all crowded near the window, and Dave suprisingly knew all the words to 'go Diego go' . He climbed back in and he heard  Gabby's parents get out fo their room.
        " OMG ummm...Hide in there." Gabb pointed to the closet , which could hardly fight 2 people. But without a word they piled in and we turned off the light to pretend to be asleep.
       "Girls?" Said Mrs.Carbinez. No one answered "Girls?" She asked louder and Hailey sat up and stretched.
       "Morning already?" she pretended to be half asleep.
      "No sorry for waking you hunny,go back to sleep." Mrs.Carbinez closed the door and we waited 5 minutes after she was in the room with Mr.Carbinez. Gabby turned on the light and the guys tumbled out of the closet gasping and coughing with disgust.
      " I will never hide in a closet with four guys EVER again!" Said Jeremy
      "Yea if that will ever happen again...?" said Mike and then we continued to play truth or dare for the rest of the night.Forgetting the whole concept of playing all the little kid games. Then we eventually played charades just so Mike would shut up.When the guys left it was 5:00A.M
&+ the hardest thing to is watch someone you love;
ove someone else


as strong as she may stand,

she will never be strong enough,

to move on

 i love it how my friends say they have to go but never do..
              because it tells me that they will miss me! 

 ..... even if it is for 5 minutes :)
if you love me, let me know;
if not please gently

because the best part of me
was always you. <3
got a problem
with me;
fix it.
can't stand me;
sit down
can't face me;
turn around.
think i'm trippin;
tie my shoe.
you know youre in love:

the second youre willing to make

yourself miserable, to make

someone else happy

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