Quotes added on Wednesday, March 17 2010

Let's commit the perfect crime.
                                   I'll steal your,  
// heart //          
                                           and you'll steal  
// mine     //         (      L      )


Because he looks at me
And swears that I am
Everything you couldn’t see
What you made me believe
That I could never be

 Why is it called
"common sense"
when it's so rare?
Why do i do my hair in the morning
Why do i put make-up on
Why do i try to look good or empress..

Ohh right that was all for you .. why?? i have no idea
because your never gonna fall for me..

why.. why..
i wish.. i wish..
I'm broken, wide open.
You've shattered all we had.
And I'm through with hoping.
Somehow I'm gonna put the pieces back.
I've cried me, an ocean.
Now there's nothing left inside.
I'm done here not knowing.
Where do you go when the tears run dry?
& dont say you love me ; unless you mean it
because i might do something stupid like

believe it .
it's -x- funny -x- how -x- one -x- look -x- at -x- his -x- face -x-
if you were the wood, i'd be the fire.
if you were the love, i'd be the desire.
if you were a castle, i'd be your moat,
and if you were an ocean,
i'd learn to
f  l  o  a  t
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

girl: rumor has it, you like me.

no, truth has it, i love you.

 wanna see my awesome robot bunny
( - _- )
hes got the powa
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