Quotes added on Thursday, March 18 2010

i turn to you ,
cuz ur the only
that can turn me around
when im upside down
if only you knew how much [ i miss you ]
 &+ your 99.9% of the reason why i wake up in the morning(=
There is always that one song
that will always remind me
how much you really mean to me
threw all the miles in between
but you still have hold of my heart
the day you went away was the big loss
sitting here with the life you left behind
that too much time cant even erase.
I feel so lost without you.
Now your an angel.
that lingers with me.
your still with me but yet i am alone.
Second best is all i will know now.

Deadicated to Caleb matthews 
someone i should have told how i feel
now its too late

I always loved you but now its too late....

true friends are people who walk in when the rest of the world walks
o u t 
maybe i will never be,
who i was before,                         <3
maybe i dont even know her

wether you paint your nails glossy pink or shiny black,
or wether you spend your friday nights watching chick flicks
blasting music through your headphones,
all us girls spend our every waking moment thinking of him.

mine i really hope you guys like it! (;

it's been seconds since i last thought about you

it's been minutes since i last talked about you

it's been hours since i was in hysterics about you

it's been days since i last wrote about you     

its been what feels like weeks since i kissed you

its been what feels like months since i last hugged you    

its been years since i last saw you   ='(

and it will be a life-time until i stop missing you

i want to let my life pass by just so i can see you in heaven

each day without you is painful because i could never in my life have picture my life with seeing you right behind me ecouraging me to live my life to its fullest.
            I LOVE YOU

They say..
hes not worth my time
he will never be mine

he has had to many girlfriends
he has dorky friends

he lives far away
he is ugly

im never on his mind
and guess what?

i say
he is worth it
i want him to be mine

he has only had 4 girlfriends
his friends are fun

he can come visit me
he is beautiful

he is always on my mind
and i know by now i should be over him </3
if only you knew..Y
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