Quotes added on Friday, March 19 2010

 a short smil
a big tear
a quick blink
a long stare 
a horrible text
"i used to care about 
you but its all gone now"

If parents knew what went on in
our minds;
they'd be amazed on how their
(--» little girl «--)
isn't who they thought she was.
they'd find out all the reasons she cried her heart out
and understand why she couldn't tell them.
they'd know all the drama being constantly thrown at her
and hear all the gossip being talked behind her back.
they'd ask themselves how many times [ some guy ]
made her feel so insecure about herself..
they'd lose count on how many times
she cried herself to sleep because her best friend
----» wasn't and didn't want to be there
because she's been like this way too many times.
&& they'd wonder how much practice it took
for her to go through all this and still be able to smile
like nothing's wrong..</3
If parents knew what went on in our minds;
-they'd be amazed.-


There’s nowhere to run
I have no place to go
Surrender my heart, body, and soul  ?
 How can it be you’re asking me to feel the things you never show.
". . . I didn’t mean to make you want to leave.
It’s a fight between my heart and mind,
n o o n e  really wins this time."
When life gives you skittles;
throw them at random >>people<< and say;
>taste< the [(freaking)] rainbo

Mel & Jess.
it's just the way we are,
it's the way that you look at me, 
when you think i'm not looking,
and smile. it's the fact even
the strictest teachers don't mind
seeing your arms around me,
because they know.

That it's real.
That we have what every high school
couple wishes they had, that even
the most pessimistic person
couldn't mistake as fake.

single doesnt mean

im lookin for somebody

~sam adams

>>"lead on"<<
sucks. **
so >don't> send me cute texts.
<don't< call me baby.
>don't> talk to me at school.

<don't< ask my friends what's wrong.
>don't> do anything.

because if i'm not good enough for you,
you'll never be good enough for


Credit to xlover
 i guess wishes dont always come true..
cause my wish is
me getting over you <'3

 Your the DRAMAim the QUEEN
that doesn't make me a drama queen :D 

- mine<3
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