Quotes added on Monday, March 22 2010

wonder if I ever cross your mind, for me it happens all the time..

 +& ill be sitting there crying because i saw the most horrible thing in my life.
you kissed a girl, and it wasn't me </3
I think about him everyday...
and honestly, he couldn't care less.
dream about him everynite...
and I never cross his mind.
He is my everything...
and im his almost nothing.

sometimes the world just needs to stop,

i need a break, 

i need to breathe,

i need you, 

with me,

but the world keeps spinning

 and you keep walking away.


needs editing...

okay, i get it. but i wasn't put on this earth to please you. so why don't you
He's beautiful.                     //////////
Such a beautiful disaster.

when you hit bottom,
and feel as if you cant get any lower.

when everyone has given up on you,
and you start to do the same.

when you're about to give up,
and you aren't sure what to do.

look within yourself; find yourself again.

&+ never stop believing.

is a second chance.
every night 
i think of you
so that maybe 
in my dreams
we can be *together*
and i can feel
wen your beautiful jealous haters come with the territory <3
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