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I dont get it.
How you can go from being "bestfriends"
to complete enemys. 
I dont get it. 
How we were so close.

and now im simply just a faded memorie.
I dont get it.
How you hate me.
and I did nothing to make it that way.
And now,
the phone calls till one AM,
telling jokes that made us pee in our pants,
but noone eles understood.
just left.
gone with the wind
and you,
dont even want to fix it. 

So can you help me understand?
 The Basics:
Name: Emma
Nick Name: Meema
Age: 14
Birthday: December 26, 1995

Birthplace: Kelowna
Current Location: Smithers
Eye Color: Brown, sometimes changes green.
Hair Color: Light brown
 5'1 :P 
Weight: 100 pounds
Lefty or Righty: Righty

Color: pink, lime green on yellow
Number: 16
Music: Pop
TV Show: Dunno..
Type Of Movie: drama
Cartoon: i dont watch cratoons really..
: Steak
Ice Cream: cookie dough
Cereal: i dont eat cereal or have breakfeast.
Candy: jaw breakers
Drink: milkshake
Do You:
Have Any Siblings: a older and a younger brother

Have Any Pets: dog, cat, bird, fish, bearded dragon.
Have A Job: nope.
Have A Cell Phone: yupp 2
Have Any Fears: spiders, dying. 
Have a favorite team: nope. 
Have a favorite holiday: Christmas
Sing In The Shower: umm.. not really.
Want To Go To College:
Get Along With Your Parents: yeah mostly 
Have Any Tattoos: noo..
Ever Been In Love: nope not really
Cheated: nope 
Single: yupp
In A Relationship: thats the same thing as single?
Like Someone: who doesn't? 
Been Dumped: yeah.
Dumped Someone: yeah
This Or That:
Fruit Or Veggies: Both.
Black Or White: White
Lights On Or Off: on 
TV Or Movie: movie. i guess 

Rock Or Rap: rap ?
Chocolate Or Vanilla: Vanilla
French Toast Or French Fries: french fries 

Strawberries Or Blueberries: blueberries
Cookies Or Muffins:
Winter Or Spring Break:  spring break  
Have You Ever:
Danced In Public: yeah i guess
Smiled For No Reason: yupp
Laughed So Hard You Cried: a lot yupp
Talked To A Stranger: yeah.  
Been to a party: yeah
Gotten A Ticket: no
Been Arrested: nope!
Been Convicted Of A Crime: uhm ..no 
Been In A Wreck: no?
Been Out Of The Country: nope
Random And Silly Junk:
Ever TP'd Someones House: no. 

Egged: no
How Many Laguages Do You Speak: 1 :P
Who Do You Compare Yourself To: nobody?

Ever Regret Anything: yeah
Like Being Tickled: yeah? who hasn't?
What Are Your Goals: i dont know?
Are Your Fingers Tired: noo
Tired Of This Survey: kinda
Happy Now: yeah?
 So I wake up
and hope
you will become
more like the person
in my dreams, 
but i know I cant change
who you have become

" When it comes down to it, I let them think what they want.
If they care enough to bother with what I do, then I'm already better than them."


-Marilyn Monroe
You're like a sharpie marker, 
once the dirty works finished
its impossible to get rid of
and ill say damn why 
couldnt god have made 
you washabl

i won't live to see another day i swear its true, because a girls like you is impossible to find
your impossible to find...

then why did you let me go?
darkness isn't the absense of light,
it's the absense of you.
 I am the one who saves my love 
Pretend theres enemy's up above 
So i have to jump a couch 
Which in my mind is a trench so i have to crouch 
I pretend i go through all troubles to get there 
But get repaid with the movie kiss that lingers in the air 
Then i have get her free from the area 
While getting past my greatest hysteria 
But at the end im the brave hero 
Where i wake to a world that has no hero's just a a thick zero

Michael from the Office: I'm gonorrhea!  

Its all make believe isn't it?
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