Quotes added on Thursday, March 25 2010

conversation I had
Me: Goodnight Beautiful ;)
Her: Goodnight Love :)
My LIttle cousin: Ya'll are so odd you're even.

Lazy on colors srry!

lose sleeeepp justa thinkin' about'cha babyy.
This quote does not exist.

xxx           more than he'll ever know.       xxx

student: " do we get our tests back today?"

teacher: " no i still have over 50 tests left to correct and i
haven't gotten any sleep and i had a busy weekend"

THEN DON'T  ASSIGN  THEM. it's really that simple.

sheesh! teachers these days..

f  you  don't  like me

stop  staring  at  me.
You're putting t h o u g h t s
into  my  head   that  I  don't want.
My mind isn't some »level« in your
games that you can trample across///
leaving your  m a r k  everywhere,
trying to get to the end of it. Never
back at what  you've  done.
Either prove you  want  to be there;
o r  s t o p  wasting m y  t i m e

My tears run down like razorblades
And no, I'm not the one to blame
It's you . . . or is it me?



Have you ever felt like your can't ever
be good enough for the next guy.
because you gave everything you had,
to the one who broke your heart.

maybe she just feels like shes never good enough. not a good enough friend. not a good enough girl, not a good enough sister, daughter, athlete. and maybe shes just sick of trying.

My eyes are screaming for the sight of you.
&& tonight, I'm dreaming of all the things that we've been through.
And I can't hold on to you, so I guess I'll feel lonely too.
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