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**Free Scooter ;]

If You Don't Know... That Is Justin Bieber's Manager (:
why am i fighting to L I V E
if i'm just living to f i g h t ?
Songs are the way I express myself.
and when you find one thats perfect and fits your mood, you gett attached.

so truu
 just when you've had enough, 
life gives you more. and when you think its rained enough, 
i t s t a r t s t o f u c k i n g p o u r )

(not mine.)
this girl that you know;

Guardian angel, you've known her since diapers,  she's the last person you wanna fight with.
you tell her EVERYTHING, even if it seems harsh. you talk til' you can't talk anymore, your close even when a million miles a part, you finish eachother's sentances, your thinking what the other one is feeling, you always know how to solve their problem, it's like you have the same DNA, you talk for hours and not get tired of her, you text to much, when you can't talk, you think about the old memories we had when we were litle, playing all those cute little now childish games.. sometimes you just wanna go back just so you can be with them. 
now.. these may sound like twins.. but no, were not.

she's just my best friend 

That feeling when the the boy goes
"I will always love you but I think we should break up "
than instantly throwing your phone across the room
putting your head to the pilliow &+_
letting all the tears run down your face
&+_ not even bothering answering the text message.

Modern Warfare Two;
the reason for break ups.

alll minee;D 
 Modern Warfare Two;
reason to couples fighting.
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