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And honestly,
when  we're  in  these  little  fights
I  find  it  hard  to   believe   you  think  of  me
half  as  much  as  I  think  of  you.
This quote does not exist.

                   I remember when you said

I love you ;; I said forever...

Yeah, guess i didn't mean it either.
LxOxVxE   Chapter 7 part 4

               I woke up and got the kids ready for the day. I got them to school then drove to Della's school for her school play.
              "Hey Wife!" Henry said to me and hugged me.
             "Hey," I looked around to see who he was trying to impress.I saw Rachel,his Ex in the parking lot starring at us. This should be fun! I then put his hand on my stomach just in time for a kick.I just loved being super lovey-dovey. It was fun.We walked in and sat ,then kissed.A little kid named Andrew came out and introduced the play.The lights dimmed and the curtain opened.It was medieval play about princesses and princes.Della was the little servant girl. Her bestfriend,Gianna,was the fancy princess. Danny was the king.The play was an hour and 25 mins.We left and went out to lunch after. Then we had an ultrasound.
            "Oh my!" said the nurse.My head swung to her direction,so did Henry's.
            "What's wrong?" I starred at her.
            "It seems there is more than one baby!" She looked back at me.
            "Im 3 months along already,how come you are just realizing now?"Henry took my hand.
           "I think he has been hiding behind his brother this whole time," she smiled at me.Twins,again!I looked up at Henry for a reaction.He looked worried.Not about money,we had plenty.But we deffinatly didn't have enough room for 2 more! He hated moving around.That ment lifting all our furniture.Which he had to do,but with help from others too,but mostly him.I smiled at him.He smiled back at me.I called my mom telling her it was now twins.She squiled and went to call my Aunt.Wanda.
I  might  have  to  wait,
 I’ll     never    give    up, 
  I     guess    it's      half     timin,  
 and    the   other    half's    luck,
Wherever    you     are,
Whenever   it's    right,

You'll come outta nowhere and into my life.
» michael buble «
*My First,My Last;My Everything*

Life isn't about *finding* who you are, Its about ~creating~ the person (you) want to be.

 &+ the only good thing
about all the damn rain
was that when she said
for the last time, she could
put on a fake smile
and just keep walking
as she let the rain hide
the tears dripping down
her face
Your the guy, Im the girl
you text me first
or we're not talking today
okay so yesterday i was at bunning & while we were getting out of the car  this rich guy rocks up in a BMW

I said to him : I like your ride homie G
he then replied: Its a BMW bertch.

All i wanted was a simple thanks.

(an hour later while we and my mum were packing our car)

A grandma walks past the BMW with her hubby and she looks in the window
she says: i like that ride nice interior
 The rich man was walking back to his car 
he says to the grandma: yer i know, if you got all your retiring money then plus 50 grand then you will be an inch closer to a fording it. and btw its a bmw bertch!!


-true story not joking!!

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