Quotes added on Thursday, April 1 2010

 "yea you have a perfect life"-thats what her close friend said to her....
&& she thought define perfect life....because her grandma died in 
sept.,shes not in the honors program like all of her friends, she didnt 
make the highschool teams...her number one passion.her first pick
college rejected her, her uncle tried to kill himself, her parents scream
at her every night. her life may seem "perfect" but in reality it is far from 
that and she still tries harder and harder everyday to please to people 
that are impossible to please.
saying, "i  l o v e  y o u " means nothing
until it comes from him   <3
i love youhh
even tho youhh hurt mhee many times

GUESS WHAT? I'm in love with you .
GUESS WHAT? You don't know it <3
im selfish, impatient, and a little insecure.
i make mistakes, i am out of control, and at times hard to handle. but if u cant handle me at my worst, u sure as hell dont diserve me at my best.

How come we dnt say ily enouqh ?
~Kris Allen~
Don't ever base a relationship on one you have had before. Because the one your basing it on ended...

and if you're going to base it on something that ended....it will end.
I sat around waiting and waiting for the perfect guy to come, thinking and thinking that he wouldn't, but hoping and hoping that he would

And then he did.
One day your gonna wake up and say that i was the one for you ;
but i'll  already be wakinq up to the guy who realized that years ago
If lifes dhaa question....?
Is love dhaa answer.....?
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