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you lighten up my day every time i see you<3

like a hole in the head


Ready to Jump 3

I looked up at the sky as we were walking. It was so blue. It was the thing I loved most about the California sky, it was mostly sunny in Summer. Ahh, thank God it's Summer. It's still the beginning of it, which I'm glad about because I'm nervous about Senior year. I just want to make it a good year, because I wanna have memories from it. Good ones.  Suddenly I wasn't looking at the sky anymore, and the sidewalk looked like it was flying toward my face. I then felt a grip around my waist, and the sidewalk was all I could see. I tripped, but thankfully Bryson saved me from destroying my face.
"Woah there Jessa, the sidewalk is not a good place to suddenly smash your face unto."
He pulled me back up while he was laughing his butt off.
"Well you know, it looked so comfortable and all. So I thought I'd try it out."
"Good thing I was here to tell you that it's pretty dangerous."
"Thanks Bry."
"Your welcome Jessa."
He was still holding on to my waist and just looking at me.
"You can let go now."

He removed his hands and what do you know? We were in front of his house. We walked to the porch, and I stood next to him while he unlocked the door. His parents both work, and they travel a lot. They know that we're best friends, and they are completely fine with us hanging out. He walked to his fridge and pulled out two water bottles.
"Here ya go."
He looked a little better, but since I knew him so well I could tell he was still thinking about Maddie.
"Lets go."
We walked down to his basement where his biggest tv was, and where all the movies were.
"Yeah?" I said searching through his movies.
"For what exactly?"
"Always making me feel better. I appreciate it."
"Bry, we're best friends. As weird as it may be to other people, we help each other out."
"I know, why can't people just accept that a girl and a guy could be best friends?"
"I know right, people these days."
I sat on the floor in front of the tv putting in the dvd. When it closed I scooched back and laid on the floor with a pillow under my head. Bryson took a seat beside me on the couch.
"What movie is it?"
"It's a surprise."
What I really did was put in a home video of his birthday party from the 7th grade.  We laughed so hard at how stupid we looked, and we made jokes about each other.
"Well you were right Jessa, that made me pee my pants."
"Ew, really?" I said and made a disgusted face, but I couldn't hold in my laughter. We started laughing even more, and my stomach hurt by the end of it.
"Jessa, I love your laugh."

should i keep going?

My heart longs for you, my soul dies for you,
my eyes cry for you, my empty arms reach out for you.

so why when i wish on 11:11
it never comes true.
its like im the only one who has...
no one 

I'm so done
tryinq to impress
him; im sick of him
actinq like he likes me
and then his friend 
has a different story ...
& i think which one is true x|3 
you're the boy
i'm the girl
you text me first
or we don't talk today.

*nott mine
*creditt forr the editt (:
Where the haters at ?
Heller i found yhue ...
nah i dont qive an F word about yhue (:
*leqacy from new boys*

My hand
searches for your hand - - - - ? - - - - >

[.{coz im scared that you will run and hide}.]
\\ in a D.A.R.K room


My hand searches for your hand - - - - ? - - - - >

[.{coz im scared without you}.]

\\ in a D.A.R.K room

im missing you
highlight xx

Whenever a guy tells you to
Suck it
Reply back saying
"Sorry, my mom told me not to put small things in my mouth" 

not mine

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