Quotes added on Friday, April 2 2010

I wanna scream from the roof tops 

not miine qott it from an icon from a while aqo .
secret #1:

i dont want to have


because im scared of the faces il'l make

i like him. he likes me. we go out. we break up. i still like him. he likes my best friend

Yhue qot my

on lock

miine noo jockss .
I wanna be the reason
he smiles ... i wanna
be the one he doesnt want
to let qo of ... but thats not me
sadly thats her ....

mine no jocks.
 && what am i supposed to do
when the fake smile fades away ?
All I want is;
to hear your voice
to hear your laugh
to see your precious s.m.i.l.e
to be in your {[arms]}
to be with you
to hear you tell me that i'm the only one you want to be with
forever & always.

not that purdy. got lazy with the colors.

Hey Soul Sister 
ain't the Mr. Mister on the radio, stereo,
the way you move ain't fair,
you know!
Hey soul sister,
I don't want to miss a single thing you do
T o n i g h t

secret #2:

im afraid,
because im only comfortable when im alone
The closest I gotten to luck is the;;

i  ate  this  morning.
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