Quotes added on Friday, April 2 2010

He may not be perfect,
but he's perfect for me.
your only as tall as your heart will let you be. 
and as small as the world will make you seem.

"you looked gorgeous today."

"that is the biggest lie i've ever heard.
you know it took me two hours to get ready this morning?
to straighten my hair and put on eyeliner and mascara and blush
hoping i looked absolutely perfect?
doing that doesnt make me feel gorgeous at all."
"well guess what? you didnt even need any of that makeup. 
and you still would have looked beautiful."
"i'm 100 percent sure you've never seen me without makeup."
"to be beautiful doesnt require makeup, you just have to be yourself...
thats all that matters to me."
secret #3:

im not
enough to
pursue the

things that
would truly
make me

ustin Bieber is hot. 
A p r i l   F o o o o o o l s !   I ' m   n o t   a   l e s b i a n. (:

 i've   hardly   been   outside   my   room   in   days
cause i dont feel that i deserve the sunshine's ray
    The point is.. love is an adventure.
  It's not a decision you make for others
It's a decision you make from your heart.

                          -  From one of my favorite movies :) 
is a day where you can lie..
and if you get caught you can say

April Fools!!

 i wanna live in danville with phineas and ferb.
i  mean,  its  like,  ALWAYS  summer  there. 

th worst  feeling
in the entire world is
 (looking  into  your  eyes and  knowing)
 y o u     a r e n ’ t    t h e    l  e a s t     b i t     m i n e .

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