Quotes added on Friday, April 2 2010

never die [♥ ]

sometimes people mean so much to you that not talking to them for 3 days makes you break down.

that's when you know somethings wrong. 

baby i love you, but i cant do this anymore, i'm sorry. we'll find different people. i know you aren't going to accept it, but we weren't meant to be together.  you told me to say what i needed to say and that i could tell you anything. i need to tell you how i feel. i cant stand being away from you but being with you is even worse. i want to be friends, but as soon as i start talking to you ill be pulled right back in. friends isn't something that works with us. i'm sorry.


this is where our love story ends.

thanks for reading it =/  i needed a vent. <3, hannah
cry together comfort hugggsslovehearts wierd looks screaming biffle across the room smilesmiss eachother after 10 minutes crazyyyy   LOVE ily more biffle sending notes sharing food not caring  what others think getting busted eating chocolate LOL drinks photos :) MUSIC watch the stars PARTIES  YOU & ME watch out for eachother
stick-up for eachother FOREVER ++ ever ++ ever you complete me :) happiness
laught at wierd stuff  danceeeeee P: texting wars ** facebook spamming :O presents im always here for you <3 to my dearest biffle...
laughing hugging boy and girl biffle :) forever and always HUGS >.<
my biffle

i win :)
i love you jason leaney ♥ 

the cuts get deeper & deeper
the tears get faster & faster
mistake after mistake
problem after problem
this is my escape.
day by day
week by week
one cut after another
this risk i will take
all for the reason
to feel the sense of freedom.

i don't reallly cut. i just sorta came up with this poem by myselff.

love is what makes the world go 'round.
& if tomorrow you're still
just a friend
ill stay up till 11:11 again.

I promise you..
No matter what happens...
When you look back..
I'll always be there...

he frowned and leaned against the wall, while my heart pounded.
" so i just don't think it's gonna work out between us. "
my eyes widened in sadness and i managed to choke out " oh, okay. "
then he smiled.

" april fools "

I never realised how much could happen....
When really nothing was happening at al

     x - -  x                                       Sticks and stones
are hard on bones
Aimed with angry art,
Words can sting like anything
But silence breaks the heart.
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