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 The  T  middle school lie;;
                       "Who do you like?"   "Oh; no one."  
Main Entry: middle school
Function: noun
Date: 1870

: where new friends seem like the nicest people,
until they stab you in the back

2: where the new cute boy that you like,
is suddenly dating you best friend

3: where best friends...
turn into you worst enimies

4: [&&] where you can have the best times of you life...
and the worst all at the same time

credit to:
The Merriam-Webster Dictionary

&+I go around every day
with this fake smile on my face.
pretending i don't care and
that everything is alright
but guess what?
im acting</3
this was the final straw. it's clear to me now who you really are and who you've always been. i was blind before; i couldn't see it before. but, they warned me about you. now i see that you and i were just a lie. you were never there for me through all my hard times. i listened to you, i helped you, i was there for you. i just guess you had a completely different plan.
So I was thinking just now...
about hate and stuff like that
and how sometimes we hate people without even knowing them,
just to hate, and not for any real reason

so to answer my questions,
i was wondering if you guys could comment, and tell me:

why do we hate people like
Miley Cyrus

for being an average teenage girl
who is someone who persued her dreams
and worked hard for everything she has
and made the mistake of taking revealing pictures of herself

and then, why do we love people like
Channing Tatum?
who used to be a stripper.
he also persued his dreams
and worked hard for everything he has
but he too did something reckless in his past
just like Miley

i just dont get it. please help :)

&tThe worst feeling in the world is/////;;♥
asking your best friend a question, knowing 
the [truth] already but just asking anyway,
to see if they would lie to you.

[she lied]

Not mine credicts to whoever. Spacing messed up i dont no why still favorite though(:
the truth about forever;
is that it's right now ♥


                  words we all hate to hear;
 deal with it.
hate these words

the closest thing we have to flying
 don't close your eyes or                    
we'll fade {away.}
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