Quotes added on Monday, April 5 2010

Show me, when one guy
who is different from the rest

Do you honestly expect me to believe
 we / could / ever / be / the / same? 

If you're not going to be my Ken..
then i'm not going to be your
that cost

If you had a life;
you would stop talking  
about {mine}.

miiine, xo :)
i'll be there for you
     » wherever you go, whatever you do
This quote does not exist.
Remember when we used to be? 
We were not just people who we used to know
We weren't people who hated each other.
We were 2 good friends.
2 BEST friends.
and I loved you.
I thought you loved  me.
Where did all this go?
How could we go from all that to this?
We once we're something that we aren't at all,
Now US is just a distant memory</3


im so sad. </3

if you wantt o color it up or whatever...
give credit where credit is due.

      i dont understand... 
 if you say you love someone
why not defend your love
instead of letting go without a fight?

mines... i think.. lol
so this is what i looked forward to all those years, this is growing up?
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