Quotes added on Wednesday, April 7 2010

well i never saw it coming, i should have started running a long, long time ago
&i never thought i'd doubt you, i'm better off without you more than you, more than you know.
i'm slowly getting closure. i guess it's really over. i'm finally getting better.
now i'm picking up the pieces. spending all these years putting my heart back together
cause the day i thought i'd never get through

i got over you
daughtry- over you
Even If A Dream, I'll Dream Forever
this is the game he plays, always, gunna cheat
night after night another girl, another drink
she doesn't see that she should be with me
shes gotta give him, give, give

give him up

a thousand lies have made me colder..

CaCannCan someone please tell me
              How to do fades & colored
                backgrounds and perhaps

Or does the new Witty ( Beta ) take away all the fun from Witty?
I don't like it.... /:

sorry if this offends anyone..
as i am is how you take me. never try to push or make me different, when i talk you listen to me.
as i am is how you want me, yea,  i know i've found the piece thats missing..

i'm looking at him..
Dont you find it weird that a girl can mean EVERY word she says,
but when a boy says it, its kinda hard to believe?

-If only, i was a little bit shorter, my hair was a little longer, i was a little bit prettier, alot skinnier, if only i  was that popular girl that EVERYBODY want to be with, if only i wasn't the girl that calls herself different, maybe just maybe i'de end up with you ♥;

i guess things [[ change ]]..
its funny how someone's success
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