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I saw you walking by today.
                       Your  hair  was  longer    and you might have been a little taller. But          it was          still you, and
  you still smiled at me, and I still couldn't speak.
  Your Guardian Angel<3  

Im a hopeless romantic.
                     I  believe  in  wishing  on   stars, soul mates, and love that never ends. 
                     But yet, sometimes I feel like the only single person alive. I feel so alone.
                     No matter what I try to do, I’m  left  in  solitude.   Maybe I try too hard.
Maybe I really am hopeless.
The way my fingers fit between yours
made me want to never
let go.
Bring On The Thunder<3   ........♥
&- You always want more
but what happens
when more just
isn't good
&* For so long,
i thought i was strong,
i thought i was unbreakable
but boy,
you sure proved me
 if only...
i was a few centimeters shorter.
my hair was a few inches longer.
if i was ALOT___________ skinnier..
if i was that one girl that everyone loved and wanted to be with.
 if i wasnt the girl that was >>> different,<<<
if only i didnt make people laugh by making a fool out of >myself<
then maybe you would pick me out of the girls that are actually like that
because if only is only in my dreams where you really are with me...

i dont care if no one favs this quote because this is my life everything i wrote above :(


&^ That night,
for the first time
she realized she
never had a chance
as the tear ran down her

ou know that place
                   ///  between    sleep    and    awake,    the    place    where    you    can    still       remember dreaming?
That's where I'll always love you, that's where I'll be waiting.

/// PeTeR Pan
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