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 The first one is the worst one;
 when it comes to a   

noo... its not swiss rolls
its swiss hoes:)

love you becca<3

♥ It is because the human spirit knows deep down that all lives intersect. that death doesnt just take someone, it misses someone else, and in the small distance between being taken and being missed,

Lives are changed.

list your top 8

Friend 1: angela
Friend 2: anna
Friend 3: amanda
Friend 4: cynthia
Friend 5: rachele
Friend 6: elias
Friend 7: john
Friend 8: charles

about your top 8;

Why is the person in spot 1 there? shes the biggest hoe but i love her anyway we have so much fun 2gether and have the most inside jokes in the world xDD

Have you ever hugged 6? lmfao yeah he picks me up and spins me around while hes hugging me xD its fun

Out of your top eight, who was the last one you rode in a car with? idek probobly anna or angela

When was the last time you talked to 2 on the phone? yesturday she called me today but i missed the call haha

How do you know 8? school and angela cuz they makeout everyday lol

Is 2 taken or single? taken by brenden

How did you meet 1? my friend introduced me to her and we were bestfriends ever since

Would 4 & 5 make a good couple? uhm as a lesbian couple? i dnt think so haha

What about 1 & 3: defiently not

When was the last time you kissed 1? uhm never

What is your favorite thing about 6? lunch is hilarious with him lmfao so many perverted inside jokes and he always hugs me

What about 7? we used to like eachother and we madeout be4 but never went out and now hes one of my best guy friends i tlk to him almost everyday we have the funniest conversations in the world and at school xD

What does 4 usually ask you for? to go up the the lunch line to get a cookie with her xD

Who do you think is the funniest out of ur top 8? lol uhmm probly angela anna elias john

Who is your favorite to talk to when you're down? amanda john elias and angela lol  

Would you ever date 1? nah SHES not my type (;

Who has SEEN you cry? i dont think any of them have

Describe 8 in 3 words? hes a player,a good kisser, and fun xD 

Does 7 have any siblings? yeah idk how many tho

What are the last three numbers of 3's phone number? 975 lol

What would you do with 5 if you were locked in a room with him/her? idefk lmfao

Out of your top 8... who is the best looking? # 7 and #8

Dear Boy,
You don't how much it kills me not talking to you for two days now, i just wish you missed me like i missed you.

P.S. I won't be talking to you first, I'm much stronger than that.
Like usual,
[     p r e s s     t h e     h e a r t     i f      y o u     w a n t     ]
*your 90's nickelodean back(:

**okay so im not a
real big fan of
"fav this" kinda
quotes but i
really want to know
who misses
the old nickelodean**
Wiiittthhhh ouuuuurrcooooccckkkkkss oouuuuttt.(;

I wish I could erase you
from everything
my past, my memories and my thoughts
because what we had
was truely never there

Have you ever looked fear in the face and just said "I dont care"


credit to design goes to: call me beautiful.
  && the truth is I hate him for what he put me through
                                                                                        But I miss the boy I used to know
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