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All  the memories, althe good times, and the bad.
But mostly the amazing times;
are why I can't let go

 I hate it when they go out & we stay in & they come home smelling like their ex-girlfriend!

    It's been too long
       And I'm lost without you
  What am I gonna do?
       Said I been needing you
    Wanting you
   Wondering if you're the same
       And who's been with you
Is your heart still mine?
       I wanna cry sometimes
             I Miss You

&& she slides down the pole
like a 
C e r t i f i e d 
S t r i p e r (;

& slowly she closes her eyes.remembering everything they've been through
and what hes done to her.and all the


not mine.orgnl quote made by xxlovehurtszz33
credit for the edit(:

Hands Down There Will Never

 Be Another One

I've Been Around &

I've Never seen

 Another One

Look At Your Style I

Ain't Really Got Nothing On

Baby You The Whole Package Plus

You Pay Your Taxes

And You Keep It Real

 While Them Other Stay Plastic

You're My Wonder Women

Call Me Mr.Fantastic

Stop...Now Think About It
One chance. That's all I'm asking for.
sometimes you just feel everything and nothing all at once.
you'll find yourself smiling; while missing something at the same time.
at times you can absolutely love a person, all while wanting to hate them.
life comes without guarantees, except that smiling will brighten your face
laughing will enhance your eyes, and falling in love will change your life
 i remember the night of october 30th.
we were sitting on the couch,
cuddling and holding hands.
while the movie was going on.
everyone was paying attention to the movie
while we were paying attention to eachother.
i was laying on his shoulder
and i look up and he looks down.
we look into eachothers eyes ,
and then we kiss.;
my first kiss,
i had butterflies in my stomach.
that was the best feeling in the world.
i really loved him. 
but then novemeber 7th he breaks up with me,
i was heartbroken.
now its april ,

and i think i might still love him


Don't Follow

I walk into walls...

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