Quotes added on Monday, April 12 2010

To   All   The   Players,

Congratulations, you all have reached a new low. Finally all your cheating,
lieing, "i love you's', and "dedication" paid off. I mean you're satisfied right?
Why wouldn't you be?  The girl you "love" is in her room,  crying and is 
currently listening to that song that once made her happy.   She's atleast 
going to gain  5 pounds for the amount of ice cream shes eating,  but for
once she doesn't care.  She can't vent to her bestfriend.  Why you ask?
Well stupid, that's the one you decided to hook up with. Hey, she was a
sweet, happy girl who loved life.  
 now look at her.
Obviously when I took you back my headband was on too tight because my brain wasn't functioning right.

Type your name with your nose
and plz keep it going

joccedlyn- aww. so close! its [[ jocelyn ]]
alrxa- Alexa.... 
bridgtet- Bridgette, lol.
vanessdsa- Vanessa :D ahhahahahhha!
daqsey6- casey! waoh
lillyLilly (: yay!
daruibn- Darin
racheol- Rachel almost!!!!!
skye- Skye ;) woohoo.
bella: Bella =D
briana: yay (:
kaitet- katieee (: Danggg
beca- haha i was so close it's becca!
marea- haha i did it!!
t5q54qa-hahaha tara i suck! my nose is too fat!
kayla-haha i did it!!
to4f9i-not even close its tori
taylo944r- taylor
szs m m b- wow wayy offf [ [ Sammy ] ]
emily-emily :] yay!
emily - emily!!!! hhahahah i diid ittt
ally -- Ally:)DID IT!
katoy6jh - Kaitlyn not close!:( lol
kj95tqh-Morgan LOL 
b3ety-haha beth
jjullia- haha so close ((julia))
                             whyqanjjno0nj- shannon haha 
Meghgwanj-Meghan pretty damn close i think 
megah ~Megan! Soo close! :) 
abbey-abbey OH YEAH I RULE LOL :D
njijq *woah faill. its [NINA] hahah

alleu... Oh i Was so close! It is Alley  :)
AL3JS8A - aleksia... yah

isabell -YEAAH! Isabell

anna- YESS!!! ANNA<3 wooootwooot
ju8w65ina--------Justinaa <33 i was kinda closee
olili8-- oo so close! haha Lili :)
c5uxikett-crickett. Closeee ahah
beautiful girls
all over the
d      w 
l         o  

                  ---->> There is a friend ready to comfort
                                               ---->> a
girl who's dream just came true
---->> and
boy ready to jump right in <<----
People say they love me
and they will be there for me through the rough times
..... so how come the people who said that... left me all alone??
It’s funny how when I stop caring about you,
 You start caring about me.



 Act on your impuse
.swallow the bottle.
.put the gun to your chest.
.cut alittle deeper.

dont judge someone u dont know
judge some one you do____ // (:

now, you'll always be in the front row. and i know that now ------>
whenever i take the stage, you'll always be there..watching me from above.


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