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 It's A New York Thing
you wouldn't understand
i <3 new york
favorite if you do too
{{ && tell me your sorry with a straight face }}

Me: heyy
( hope you answer)
Him: heyy whats new
(i really missed you)
Me: im good hbu(: ?
(im good because im talking to you)
Him: same
(i missed what we had..)
Me: thats good...
(i dont think he likes me like that anymore)
Him: yeahh... sooo
(i love her (:)
If I had a world of my own
everything will be nonsense
Nothing will be what it is
because everything will be what it isn't

You see there is no real ending
It's only the beginning
Come out and play....

In contrary was what it is it wouldn't be
And what it wouldn't be it would
You see
Like to paint?
Lets do a contest! (:

There's no specific theme; just as long as it's with paint and unique.

If your interested comment me and tell me your age, there will be differant catagories and I will tell you more information if your interested.

BTW:The winner in each catagory will recieve a prize.
So start brainstorming!
they say hate is a strong word,
but throw
around, like it's nothing.
Me: i know you have a girlfriend but 1-10 how much do u like-like me?
Him: 20 babe
\\Real convo^^ not much but to it is//
I'm a
hopeless romantic,
a love fanatic.
I want everything to be right,
the perfect night.
So, take my hand,
and let our love set sail.
Just like it does
in a fairy tale.

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Don't tell me the sky is the limit;;when there are footprints on the moon ♥

(credit toooo whoeverr !)
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