Quotes added on Monday, April 19 2010

It's complicated. Oh, lemme start by telling you a little something.
I'm not perfect. actually, im pretty far from it.
Life surely doesn't go my way.
Even though im probleby wasting a lot of pennies,
by throwing them into the fountain.
But i know i need to face it. I definitely threw away something,
that was so important to me.
It was my dream come true, a wish i never thought would be real.
yet, it was. *cough* *cough*was. and now that i threw it away...
i'm never going to get it back. i know it. Life isn't a Fairly tale..
so i need to STOP dreaming and START living. [but i will NEVER stop wishing...]

I have given you everything I could..
You have my heart
You have my soul
You have my trust
You have my love
You have everything I could give..

What do you want from me?

And just because there's a little bit of an age difference, he won't ask me out.      

and it's eating me alive.
           & now that i finally have my chance,
                           after years of waiting & dreaming...
                              I just realized, I don't know if i can be with you.
                                       not because I don't want to;
                                             but because when it comes down to it,
                                                   i don't think i could go through the pain of losing you..

its midnight & im venting....
I'm not stupid for falling for his
stupid for playing them.
Tuff && Puss

Best Friends Forever 
Always ..
a word,
and walk away feeling like that was the best conversation you've had. 


They got nothin' on you,

{♥ }

---nothing on you

                                                                      Spongebob: Hey Patrick are you mad too?
                                                                        Patrick: Yeah!
                                                                      Spongbob: Why are you mad?
                                                                       Patrick: I can't see my forehead
no life without a friend , no friendship withouta lover , no love with out Sincerity , thats the way life life should be

If you really think about it..
Witty isnt a site for just girls, its for people..
It isnt a girls' quoting site its just a quoting site..
Girls just took the opportunity to use it first as a way to vent ..
Without "that guy" seeing and seeing as most guys havent even heard about it.
The girls figured that it was safe.
That doesn't mean guys can't or haven't
made a witty account and used it.
They might be here for the same reason we are..
To talk about w/e or vent..
Or to just talk about "that girl" without being
embarrassed about it..

The Same As Why The Girls Are Here..
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