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I'm really sure that
I have fallen in love with you.
When i see you, i get goosebumps.
When you talk to me i listen to every word you say.
When we touch, i feel like i'm in h e a v e n, especially in your arms.
A N D  I  R E A L L Y  L I K E  Y O U, i wish you were mine.

my quottte,

Everytime I close my eyes,
I see my name in shining lights.<3
                                                     I REMEMBER WHEN IT          WAS         ME THAT MADE YOU
the luckiest man in the world.
Now it's her in your arms.  She's the one that makes you smile when
she smiles.  She's beautiful, she's downright gorgeous.  There's no
denying it.  I think everyone saw it coming.     I mean, we all fall for 
our best friends in the end anyways, don't we?    So hold her in your
arms and let her feel your warmth.      That used to be my favorite
place to be.    Kiss her forehead, her cheek.  Make her feel holy.   I 
mean of course, I'm going to hate her.        At least for a while until I 
get used to this gut-wrenching feeling that I get every time I see
and her together, holding hands and walking, every time I imagine
it in my head.  Yeah, you could say it hurts.  IT KILLS.  But, I want
you to be happy in the end.  And if being happy means you are with
her instead of me, well so be it.  So you there girl.  Yeah you, the one
that's replacing me.  Treat him right.   Let him carry your things for
you when he asks, but never force him to.       Hold his hand when he 
grasps for yours but is too afraid to grab it himself.           Tell him how
much you love him everyday.    But only say it if you mean it.  
Cause I think we all know how much it hurts to be lied to.  Make him
smile because he deserves happiness.    Don't take him for granted.
Cause girls like me would kill to be you.

Toes in the sand.
I was his girl.
&He was my man.

They said it was Fait.
They said it would last.

But here we are;
Painfully,,looking in the past.

One Down, Two down, Three down
Who ever knew these teens will put a sad story through the town
Four teens and a party is all it had to take
To make the whole town shake
Their last Friday night
Came without fright
Just drinking what was brought out
Who knew what that had came about
When too drunk to drive the party ends 
And now was time to take home the friends
Their barely able to stand up
And there emptying beers in a plastic cup 
There giving the keys to the wrong fool
Soon he wont be able to keep his cool.
And the man driving back to his place
Never knew what he was going to face.

Enough time for the teens to drive the car past the speed limit 
Came their last minute 
One too many had now hit
And passing out became legit
Slowly rolling over the yellow line
At a little past nine
Came the crash of 5
Four Teens and a Father, and none alive 

They say that Disneworl
                                                    Is the best place, they obviously have never been in your arms<3



For so many years,
So many abuses,
So many reasons to                                                                                                 give up.

I had to give up on you.
I've tried before.
Don't get me wrong.
But I always come crawling back
in                                                                                                                           the end,

I am weak.

Weakness is overpowering.
It's the easy way out.
It                                                                                                                         takes over

your senses.
It                                                                                                                          consumes your fears.

It eats you out,
you're nothing but an empty shell in the end,
following what will never face you.

Suffering from weakness,
Darkness chases you                                                                                              until

you aren't even you anymore.
Once                                                                                                                  you're empty of life,

motionless, you aren't useful anymore.
Weakness leaves you behind on the damp cold sidewalk of the night.

You killed me.
I'm dead now.
Death is irreversable,
I hope you know.
I'm gone forever,
Just a hard exoskeleton
that once was a child.
Carefree, joyful, smiling.


Have you ever loved someone so much,
you'd give an arm for ?
Not the expression. No. Litteraly give an arm for.
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