Quotes added on Wednesday, April 21 2010

 I went to the car spokless, he came with me. I don´t know what happened in that moment I just  didn´t give a though how... but that moment makes me remember him :( and that hurts...
 I LOVE my crazayyy friends that instead of asking me what´s wrong encourage me to go on and make me laugh :D
 To trust others you first have to trust yourself...
 Loosing a friend is easier than knowing she was never your friend :/
 A boy tells a girl lets see the stars, and the girl answers I can´t see them. It doesn´t matter cause we can see the trees and besides you are MY only true star.
 I turn my ipod on... and the same song is playing.. is it means of destiny? I hope not cause I only have a old song and a broken heart...
Man that posses knowledge instead of knowing math, know life.

he loves me
why couldn`t you?

he does and says the ALL right things
i wish you did

he`s the imperfect PERFECT
everything you're not

he never hurt me
like  you did

but now i guess i have to change that dream...

  I don't LOVE HIM as much as i love YOU

and i don't know why :((

highlight everything and read again

             looks a lot like sorrow.
 What can you do when the boy you love is nothing more than a stupid cow that only cares for himself, and doesn´t even remember you? well there´s nothing just try and move on. Moving on gives you chances you could never expect.
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