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this is me getting over you :)
She told me we dont know love is yet

but thennn  i look at you

and then i relize

i do know

Losing friends.  Not getting asked to prom.  Not making the team.  Sitting alone.  Meeting his girlfriend.   Breaking your arm.   Parents divorcing.  Not being skinny enough.  Failing midterms.  Tripping in the hall.  Knowing how he feels.  Being backstabbed.  Fighting with friends.  Jumping too high.  Getting teeth pulled.  Crying in the middle of class.  Gaining weight.  Not having the right clothes.  Having braces tightened.  Being in a car crash.  Being labeled.  Being played.  Having a family member die.  Becoming something you're not.  Not being pretty enough.  Having surgery.  Being sick.  Laughing too loud.  Saying the wrong thing.  Fighting with parents.  Not fitting into last year's jeans.  Losing your textbook.  Getting a driver's liscense.  Losing your phone.  Changing.  Flying on a plane.  Standing up for something.  Not pleasing someone.  Missing someone.  Being mocked.  Being embarassed.  Trying to look flawless.  Not having the latest iPod.  Hoping they care.  Losing someone in the army.  Being weird.  Breaking-up.  Losing touch.  Making the wrong choice.  Faking a smile.  Crying in your room.  Being jealous.  Being second-best.  Trying too hard.  Walking in heels.  Falling asleep crying.  Not having close friends.  Moving.  Being in pain.  Watching him with her.  Forgetting about that essay.  Waking up late.   Being lied to.  Hearing the truth.  Faking a smile.  Hurting someone you care about.  Moving on.  Growing up.  Taking risks.  Being led-on.    

                                Now,  I guess I finally win.
I did lve you the mostest.

I'm sorry for you, sweetie. So what if you go
out with her?     I'm pretty sure you treat her
just like   you treated me,   and I know she
will never       care for you the way I did, so
I'm feeling sorry    for you,         honey. You
gave away something     great    in your life.
And I don't care  if I sound conceited. It was
always about you, so for once, It's about me.
Good luck in life,      I hope she's everything
you've ever wanted.
Nothing But The Truth 
i've never liked my life.
i've always wanted to be someone else,
and never been happy with who i am
So, Imagine This

You're Sitting In a field of grass. In Front of you runs a river of clear blue. There are flowers blooming everywhere and the sun is shining upon your face. You are sitting on a rock. A rather large one thats flat and smooth.  It's Silent in the background, all you hear are birds chirping in the distance.  You Smile to yourself. You are all alone.  Now, Imagine all of that and this time with you there with me
That Right there,
Would Be My Heaven

-- My Guy Friend. :)
because days come and go,
but my feelings for you are

f   o   r   e   v   e   r

What you see,
Depends on what you're looking for
stalk them ;; pursue them
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