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every 11:11
i wish for that same wish,
and it hasn't came true yet,
but i know;; deep down inside it will someday
trust me :) ♥
even if it happens slowly
....its the same wish, i write on my steamy shower in the
so help me please.

Do people know how it feels to not say anything,
but to know everything at the same time?
your eyes could light up any room,
and you don't even try<3

I wanna fall so in love ;;
with you and no one else

Walls by all time low ♥♥♥
 as she stepped inside of his car,
she could feel his blue eyes on her through the rearview mirror 
she pretended [[not]] to notice & started playing with the radio
he looked to the road & flashed that gorgeous smile of his
what happened to all those good times.. where NOone fought eachother.. there was NO drama... or NO fighting! what happened to all of that.. we just threw it all awaayy..? like everyone needs to face the truth we are serperating.. when we get older.. my guess is that not one of us will talk to eachother ever.. because how imature we are acting.. like come on girls.. we need to grow up and face the hardd path of lifee, we cant just walk away from it now!!!</3



favorite>>  if the imvu ads
creep you out too* (:

                                                                                                        [[[[or is that just me?]]]]
Her: I love you forever and always

Him: I love you to.

Her: What about forever and always?

Him: I wouldn't want to lie to you.


all minnne | clacck the heart |

Don't you just hate it when you CAN'T see a n y t h i n g

becuase your eyes
are brimming with

 Sorry Notebook,
      I'm not   such a sucker for chick flicks.
                    I mean really.  Life isn't just
                    one huge chick flick.  Yes,
                    we all fall for the guys that
                    we aren't supposed to be with.
               But when he doesn't call us                    
                    back, when we don't get his
                    letters, when he doesn't come                 
                    riding on his white horse to
                    our doorstep, well that's where 
                    we have you to blame.  Guys 
                    aren't going to call me back
                    when I hang up on them cause
                    I'm angry.  Guys aren't going 
                    to show up at my window at 2am
                    throwing pebbles at my window
                    and sing me a love song.  And 
                    they sure as hell won't burst 
                    through the chapel doors on my 
                    wedding day and stop the ceremony
                    to tell me that they love me and 
                    say I'm marrying the wrong man.
So thanks for your false expectations
                    So when that boy breaks my heart
                    I'll be watching things explode
                    and zombies rib the limbs off  
                    their victims and eat them.
                    Yah, that's  e x c i t i n g

   And just as plausible as your  
Romance Movies.


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