Quotes added on Saturday, April 24 2010

& its the w o r s t feeling
when you see her with
him, & think ;

that should be me..
people always say "be strong cause things will get better it may be storming now but it cant last forever...."

Well i say
"ive tried to be strong no things didnt get better im giving up cause the storm clouds have been here forever </3
If he really wants me
>> he will come back <<
If by chance he doesn't
then we weren't meant
-- for eachother --
& I was l i k e ""
I promise, you will be the only thing that i need and want,
I promise, you will be the only one that i adore.

-Love again by The dreaaaaam && T.I. (:

nd you make my knees weak,
and you make        my heart beat so erratically its hard to         breathe. //////                                          
She thinks im crazy
judging by the faces that shes making
&i think shes pretty
but pretty is just part of the
things she does that amaze me.

wake up&smell the breakup. fix my heart, put on my makeup. another mess i didn't plan... &i'll bet you thought you beat me, wish you could only see i got an "i heart ?" written on the back of my hand(:

is in my heart and soul xx
It's kind of weird,
but it's magical.
like a fairytale,
          that i don't want to
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