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 wtf, anyone else have the new witty layout?! WTF.
for  peace
- i s    l i k e-

for  virginity

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This quote does not exist.
When your texting late at night
 and that one person your texting asks you. . .
"who do you like?"
Do i tell them the truth?
Especially since it's you?
Time is running out *;;
     ->  take her by the hand & fulfill her dreams<3

favorite this if you...
miss the OLD witty layout:/
You're the first boy I kissed and I want
you to be the last. ♥

-Sweet Home Alabama.<3

Melanie: Andrew... You don't want to marry me.

Andrew: I don't?

Melanie: No. No, you don't... not really. You see, the truth is... I gave my heart away a long time ago... My whole heart... and I never really got it back. And I don't even know what else to say, but I'm sorry. I can't marry you. And you shouldn't want to marry me. So this is what this feels like. That's it?!

-Sweet Home Alabama.<3

their never there when u want them to be but when they are their u dont want them
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