Quotes added on Friday, April 30 2010

&& I hope you
Regret it.
I hope it freaking
Then you'll finally know
How I feel.
Because honey,
You broke me.

"look at the woman...."

"aha shes staring at you...."

"she acts like shes never seen a
Flaming homosexuall


hahahah alex i love you
my gay bestfriendd!

Look at me
Just once
Look at me
Sometimes I hope that you
Realize that I have fallen for you
Tell me how you feel
About me
Tell me
Look at me

{wo ai ni} [saranghae] (i love you)
© JMC4evrLuv [no stealing]

You only have one life
to do whatever you want with.
In  a  hundred  years,   nobody will remember
the   stupid   mistakes   you   made.   So
make  a fool  of  yourself  while  you  still
have  the  chance,   because if you spend
all your life trying to be the coolest kid around,
you will never be happy with yourself.
L*i*v*e with regrets...

Because at least you know you fought for something you believed in

      I opened my window
               AND FELT SUMMER                                 
                      rush in

We've all heard the saying
"Money isn't going as far it used too."
Well apparently,
Neither is a promise.

If God brings you to it,
                                                                                             He'll get you through it. ♥
for every first place,
theres a second place.
and for every second place,
theres a third.
(if you keep going, eventually you'll find me)
Swhats  your  biggesfear?
No, wait let me guess,

I shook my head,
Ok, then what are you scared of?
I guess my biggest fear is being forgotten.

Well you won't ever have to worry about that.

And why is that?

I   could   never   forget   you.
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