Quotes added on Saturday, May 1 2010

want me to test the zipper?

of our country has gone
through a divorce
in the family.

Now it's our job
to change the world
with our generation.
and bring back love.
we just have to hold on.

Favorite if your in,
it's time to change
the world. with our

[ :

I say,
Yeah Buddy,
rollin' like a big shot,
Chevy tuned up
like a nascar pitstop

-Ice Cream Paint Job.
 Best Friends
   are always there for you
they never talk about you behind your back
you can call them at 2:00 in the morning and they won't care
singing into brushes ;; and acting crazy in public is what they do
they don't care what other people think about them
you know who you are!
You're a jerk!
I know. 
-You're a Jerk.
OMG, i just realized that my sisters and my names spell:



What was my Mom thinking??!!!
we're so cool,
ice cubes are jealous!(:

Do you know how
hard it is watching you...
my first true love..
walk down the hallway with a different girl...
every week

Why Do they call It a funny bone?

                                        Because when you hit it......

It isn't funny :(
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