Quotes added on Sunday, May 2 2010

"But the heart chooses what it chooses, doesn't it?
We don't really have a say in the matter."

i miss those blue eyes.. your kisses & how you look when you sleep
i never told you,, i just held it in.

i miss everything about you.
i cant believe i still want you,, after all the things we've been through

i wish i could have told you 

were not getting any younger  ;
  lets     party     hard       &        &       give     ourselves 
something     to     laugh     about     in     the     morning 

I srtd flirtin frm the day i met u
after tht day we tlkd 24-7
we ended up dating
u always said how much u love me an need me
i luv u 2 and u no tht
but i broke up with u
cuz evryone around me
thoght u were a bad kid
i saw right passd tht
now i relized that you could possibly be the one
and pple can deal ith that
i<33 u babe an ths time
im stayin nomatter what<333

When Crap goes down
and sides get taken thats when you find out whose true and
whose faking*


My mom asked me why I sleep so much. I told her it’s because it's the only place I can actually
                     escape my life.

I always wondered why people wait for the person they like but honestly, I know why now & im doing the same thing they are... not because someone has a gun to my head telling me to wait but because something about you is different and I want you back soo bad.

I know you dont even know this site exists and youll never take into account my feelings when i text you & tell you, but darling, just typing this to complete strangers makes me feel better & it keeps me wanting to hang on when i read some of their own quotes.

you could break her heart a million times   ,
but for some reason, with just one smile   ;;
she'll come running right back to you     

nott miine (:
You call it annoying,
but to her it's caring in the only way she knows how
is the most beautiful
of dreams
the worst
of nightmares
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