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 This wasn't suppose to happen
i'm not suppose to be wondering why i'm not asleep, and it's
12 right now and you're still on my mind. && i'm not suppose
to break down and wonder who i'm hurting these days, and 
who has hurt me. i'm suppose to be asleep, in my bed ready
for another day at school. instead i sit here at the edge of 
my best thinking  ////////////// what's wrong with me.
 Favorite this if;
Your parents are too strict,
Your lover is falling for her,

You life is filled with joy,
You get depressed when u think bout him and her.. instead of him and u,
You wanted to go wit your friends but your mom said No,

Your whole life has been black, and now u wanna have a taste of freedom,
Your LiFe GeTs BetTer EvErY tiMe U HeaR A NeW SOnG oN ThE RaDiO ThATs ReLaTeS 2 U,

and If you find someone that makes u feel like your NOT the only ONE... 

i love you more
in the world<3


these 3 words are used way too freely these days

welcome to the 21st century


hen the evening shadows and the stars appear,
  and there is no one there to dry youtears, I could
 hold you for a million years to make you feemy love.

The film maker cannot see.
The song writer cannot hear.
►Yet I see Mimi everywhere►
A n g e l s   v o i c e   i s   i n   m y   e a r
I’m sorry doesn’t mean much
especially when it all you ever say
So just this once hear what I have to say
It’s the truth; everything I’ve held at bay
It’s hard to stand by
And simply watch you slip away
I’m mad, I’m upset; its’s a battle inside
Ready to recede like the oceans tide
You need me, you plead
As I sit there and scream
Screaming at what you don’t seem to see
What you need is not me, I’m just a fall back in your time of need
With me gone
Even though it wont be long
You’ll have to take a stand
‘cause I want be there to lend you a hand

What I needed was a break
To step back; not just for my sake
You have come to rely on me
As if that’s the way things auta be.
Regardless though
You’re my friend through and through
And I hope you see that too
I am the paper; your sold ground
While you’re the pen; an excuse always to be found
In the past each one I accepted
Though I was temped
To call you out on each little bluff
but that was too tough
We had to hide the truth behind the blinds
Afraid of change…it was all in our minds
I saw the signs, each time I knew,
Yet I became the pen, made excuses just like you
I’ve opened up our blinds
Opened up my mind
Ready or not, this is what we need
To let our friendship grow back out of this seed
I love you, my sister at heart
What we need is simply a fresh start
“Hi, I’m molly”
“Hey what’s up! I’m Raeann”
But no that wont work
Our past can’t be left, too much still lurks
So hear me out, one last time
“though it may be tried
It may leave us with scares
Our friendship wont go
It never will
For this, Raeann
I Promise You”

maybe if you could not speak to me for an entire day,
or try to ignore me perhaps. maybe if you could not say
the sweet things you say and the small things you do 
that seem to make me smile. maybe if you hadn't said
it. maybe if you never told me your secrets and made
me laugh until i cry, just maybe 
i wouldn't be liking you as much today.

&   They    say   that   a   hero   ca n  save  us
outofalltheliesyoutoldme   ;;     iloveyouwasthebest.

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