Quotes added on Wednesday, May 5 2010

honestly, i miss you so much that it actually hurts.

I  Dream
because there's no other way i can see it happen .

everynight we spent together
all those late night talks
all the movies we watched
all the "i love you babe"

everything we ever had come rushing back instantly, and all anyone did was mention your name.

and then i feel all the pain and heartbreak all over again.

Yea being beautiful and sweet is a plus but its being independent and intelligent; staying boss, persuing your dreams, chasing money, knowing your life and happiness don't depend on anyone..that's the real turn on ;]

& once again i'm reading quotes off Witty at 12pm.

All of the bad stuff that you went through,
that you hated along the way the things that didn't go the way you wanted.
The people that disappointed you, excited you,& scared you,
I know how tempting it is to run away when that happens.
It's good for avoiding things.
But the problem is you end up avoiding yourself,
avoiding people you love and finally you end up avoiding life.
But despite the all things that made you suffer
suddenly you feel grateful to them because they're the things that got you to here.
To this.


Confident women are in very short supply & so i must admit- I'm pretty sexy ;]

The girl he dreams of a strong girl who has her own indentity and is secure with who she is.  She is plenty happy giving him space because she enjoys her own.  She is clear about what she will or will not accept.  She'll back away at the slightest whiff os disrepected, and this is what makes her that damn exciting. I\
Sugar and spice..& not always so nice- that's what his dreams are made of.

 I may be young, but I what I'm saying. 

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