Quotes added on Thursday, May 6 2010

i swore, i swore i would be true
and honey so did you,  so why were you holding her hand
is that the way we stand,
were you lieing all the time,
was it just a game to you?

but im in so deep,
you know im such a fool for you
you got me wrapped aroung your finger

but do you have to let it linger.

I miss you .
& im too stubborn to text you
so text me already...
this feeling is different...

not pain but joy for the first time in awhile
yesterday i was crying,
but today i cant stop smiling
im falling to hard and i know it,
but this time
he actually might catch me

 favorite if your waiting for him to text you rite now[:
i write my best when im in pain...
my quotes must suck right now.
 i'm not careless
i just care less

Dont make me go at this alone. = /

Im begging you.

This quote does not exist.
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