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 How to make faded text :]


Just go to patorjk.com/text-color-fader and it does it for you (:

make the most of what you got
you only live once

haven't forgotten loving you...
  But do you even remember my name...?

you CANT break the girl
who thinks 
NOTHING of you
Don’t risk anything,
you’re not willing to lose.
I guess when you’re young first impressions are everything. Sometimes you miss who a person really is.
I think you have to be friends before you can fall in love. I know I don’t wanna end up making promises that I don’t have intentions of keeping and I don’t wanna end up saying things I don’t really feel.
If something bad happens to us someday it’ll never change what we have now, what we’ve always had. Because you were right. Love is real and we have to do everything to keep it alive. Wherever life takes us I want it to be with you, forever or until tomorrow.
Got buried alive, in somebodies world.
There's too many people, too many girls.
Got nothing to hide, you know what to do.
'cause he loves himself, but he doesn't love you.

yeah i fly over you, cause i'm so over you.

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